Friday, January 15, 2010

No Baby Yet!

It is now January 15th and still no baby. It is hard to be patient but he'll come when he's ready.

On Wednesday I had a non-stress test to make sure everything still looked good, which it did. My blood pressure is a little low but the baby's heart rate was good and he had fun kicking away.

Things are a little different in Switzerland and I am now receiving care at the hospital instead of at a regular doctor's office. When we originally moved here, I looked for a homebirth midwife because the idea of switching care at the end of pregnancy was weird to me and honestly, I prefer being at home. Well the only homebirth midwife in the area is going on holiday in January and not available.

At the hospital, I was lectured that women weren't given inductions on their due dates just because they were tired of being pregnant. LOL I hadn't asked but the midwife at the hospital assumed I wanted to be induced. *scratches head*

OK, I am tired of being pregnant but the baby will come eventually. Not on my due date apparently, but someday. Perhaps even soon.

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