Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's a boy!!!

We went for the 20 week sonogram today and saw boy parts! Baby Bounce is really going to be a baby brother. S insists that he will only be allowed to wear blue and white because the other colors (orange, green, pink, etc.) are all girl colors. I don't think it is a coincidence that she hates blue and white.

Poor girlie isn't getting her little sister. :(

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dear McDonalds

You are striking out with me.

This has been an extremely busy couple of weeks with moving so on the way back from our millionth errand, I ran through the drive-thru to feed my girl child. I ordered her a Happy Meal and the woman taking my order asked me if I wanted the girl toy or the boy toy. I requested the doll and the woman reiterated, so the girl toy? Um, no, I want the doll. We went back and forth until my daughter said she'd rather have the car. OH, so you want the boy toy. *shakes head*

Why don't you spend a minute to think of what message you are sending our kids? There is nothing wrong with a girl wanting a truck or a boy wanting a doll. Your language implies that my girl child's desire for a car was gender inappropriate. Not cool.

Exchanging Currency and Buying Travellers Checks - Oh My!

Before we head out to Switzerland, I would like to get some Swiss currency and travelers checks. When I was at Chase bank depositing a check, I asked the teller about obtaining currency and travelers checks. Hmm. I don't think people do that very often from the look on her face. I asked about fees (none) and exchange rates (check website) but she didn't seem to know very much about how to do those things. She also didn't mention whether or not I had to call ahead for the currency.

Some people might not know that Switzerland is not part of the EU and does not use Euros. The currency in Switzerland is Swiss Francs, abbreviated SFr in English. Somehow I doubt that SFr are commonly held in Texas banks.