Saturday, June 21, 2008

Note to Self

Turn on the kitchen lights and put on glasses before holding hand over hot pan to see if it is ready yet. The morning pancakes and fake Boca sausage was made exciting with a nice burn on my hand. Fortunately S's My Little Pony came with a pen to put in the freezer. Those make perfect palm-burn ice instruments.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Funny Tattooed Girl

The other day we stopped at for burritos at our local chain. I think it is the only place in the area where the employees all have body piercings, tattoos and hair color that is not found in nature. In other words, I love it! So the spouse sits down with Agent Goofball (AG) at a table next to two large tattooed men.

AG looks at the tattooed men and says, "Daddy, look. They have tattoos just like me!" She was sporting a temporary Spiderman tattoo.

The guys seemed to think it was incredibly cute and I thought it was incredibly funny. At least until I wondered how old she would be before she got her first tattoo. All I ask is no tattoos on the neck.


I created this blog long ago but never wrote in it because I think personal blogs are stupid. Now I found that I wanna chat in the middle of the night so I will do it here instead.

Just got back from a 2.76 mile run and I am dripping sweat. It is hot, even in the middle of the night. Think I will sleep the rest of the summer away.