Thursday, September 30, 2010

The day I was distracted at the grocery store

No, I did not lose a kid.

The store, Migros, had a sale - 10% off everything - today. Being continually distracted by shiny things, I completely forgot until I ran there to get a substitute dinner for what I had planned. There were banners everywhere yelling 10% off to anyone with the attention span of a gnat. Like me! So I call the husband to tell him, just in case he needed to pick up anything from the Migros City, which prompts the big girl to start in.

Mama, I want a gipfeli (croissant).

I want french toast for lunch tomorrow.

Do I get to eat lunch tomorrow?

Can I have some fruit.

Are you listening to me?

I. want. a. sample.

Finally something easy that I can say yes to, a sample. I glance inside the sample case and see that it is cut up rustic bread with a piece of salami on top. Sure, no problem. I tell the girl there is salami on top of the bread because she is somewhat picky about her meat intake. Sure, whatever mom.

I am finishing up my convo with H about the sale when the girl says that she likes the sample and wants it in her snack bag for tomorrow. Only then do I take a good look at what they were giving out for samples.

It was salami, horse salami.

Eww.  No way. I told the girl that she already had a gipfeli for her snack and I'd buy (a different kind) salami next week. shh.