Monday, June 14, 2010

Thoughts for Claire

Who is Claire? She is my friend's son's playmate who suffered a near drowning accident over Memorial Day weekend. I don't know many details other than there was a party, a pool, and a 4.5 year old who got lost in the shuffle briefly and ended up coming close to dying.

Claire is on the road to recovery and her dad is blogging her progress. Please keep her in your thoughts and remember how easy it is to lose track of a little one near water.

Tour de Suisse

Perhaps you haven't heard that the World Cup is going on right now. Well I have. Repeatedly.

I also found out today that the World Cup isn't the only sporting event that is happening, so is the Tour de Suisse. I guess that is the Tour de France but in Switzerland. ;)

The end of the 7th leg and beginning of the 8th starts in my neck of the woods in Wetzikon next Fri/Sat so I am going to ask around and see if it will be mobbed and if not, take the kids to have a look. Provided Wetzikon has a coffee shop, of course.