Thursday, June 26, 2008

Never mind on the bike

Took Agent Goofball to look at used bikes at the bike store. She didn't want a bike but she did want a basket with flowers that would usually go on the front. *rolls eyes* It was Made in China and flimsy plastic so I will look online for another basket.

Tomorrow we have a playdate with AG's best friend from school. It is supposed to be at the splashpark but right now there is thunder, lightening and rain so big, outdoor, metal playarea might be a bad idea.

I was supposed to go running tonight but the thunder, lightening and rain derailed those plans.

Today I got the books I ordered from B&N. An Indian cookbook and La Dolce Vegan. There aren't enough vegetarian recipes in the Indian cookbook so I might return it. I really want to make Mushroom Mattar so I looked online for a recipe and found about 5 million. Who needs a cookbook?

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