Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Bedtime Scam

Some of you might know of my 6 month bedtime problem with S. It is important to mention that she is one of the most stubborn people to ever live. At some point she decided to only wear undies to bed which is fine and dandy except she wasn't fully potty trained (being 2 and all). I tried it all. Insisting she wore a pullup at night. Sneaking one on in the middle of the night. Restricting her water at bedtime. All I got for my trouble was a dehydrated 2 year old who pulled off her pullup in the middle of the night. Until we went to the cloth diaper store.

The woman who runs the cloth diaper store is brilliant. She showed us Fuzzi Bunz in S's size and called them nighttime undies. Now we have 5 pair of large Fuzzi Bunz diapers er, I mean night time undies. S loves them! They are in bright colors and are really soft. I think I found the aversion to the pullups too... Those things are scratchy. The cloth diapers are easy to wash and it is less laundry than washing sheets all the time.

Love me some Fuzzi Bunz. Since S fell asleep so early, she wasn't wearing her nighttime undies so I have to go sneak them on her. *sigh* Such a glam life.

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