Thursday, November 12, 2009

Saturday is Tour Day AND Laundry Day

Just how will that work?

On Saturday the whole clan will trek to the local, public hospital to tour the birth center and decide whether Baby Bounce will be born there. The tour and information lecture is given by one of the midwives. Hopefully I can at least ask questions in English.

The compulsory basic health insurance, as required by the Swiss government, pays for birth at a public hospital, birth center or homebirth with two midwives. A search for homebirth midwives in the area led to a bunch of nothing so public hospital or birth center it is. I could pay to go to a private hospital or for perks at the public hospital but I am cheap so that isn't likely to happen.

Interesting fact for the day. The term for midwife in French is sage femme, or wise woman if directly translated.

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