Friday, June 11, 2010

Let's Make More Steak Mommy

My big girl started eating steak on her fifth birthday.

Ever since she started solids, she had some texture issues and meat is a big one for her. It started with homemade baby food. Try as I might, I could never get it smooth enough for her so I went to the store bought organic baby food. I liked that stuff because it didn't have any hidden ingredients, what was on the label was the sum total of what was in the jar. Unfortunately, she could never eat the stage 3 (or lumpy) baby food. She'd gag or vomit or both.

As she got older, her protein sources were limited. She'd eat milk, cheese, eggs, tempeh, seitan, (the latter 2 are unavailable in Switzerland) and the occasional bites of chicken as long as the texture is destroyed in the cooking process. Oh and whole pinto beans from Freebirds World Burritos.

When we moved to Switzerland, she stopped eating cheese and Freebirds is too far away for take out so that reduced her protein sources further.

About a week before she turned 5, I told her that now that she is 5 I bet she is old enough for steak. She bought it. On her fifth birthday she tried steak and declared that she likes it. A lot. So I try and buy it so she gets protein.

Yesterday I made steak for dinner and gave her a decently European portion. She ate it and then we had the following conversation:

Big Girl: Mommy, I want more steak
me: I am glad you liked it but it is all gone
Big Girl: nooooooooooooooo Make more
me: (chuckle) I can't make more, it isn't like bread where I have the flour and can cook more.
Big Girl: We can go shoot a cow to make more steak.
me: (dying of laughter on the inside) I don't think the farmer would appreciate us shooting his cow.

So there you go. Run out of steak? Go shoot a cow.


Nif said...

Hooray! This is a useful milestone.

I'm imagining you, your kids, the gun, the dead cow, the farmer, and the dismay all around.

megna said...

lol that is somewhat how I imagined it too. We had to explain that the farmer would want a lot of money for the poor, dead cow and it would be easier on everyone if we just went to the store.