Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dear McDonalds

You are striking out with me.

This has been an extremely busy couple of weeks with moving so on the way back from our millionth errand, I ran through the drive-thru to feed my girl child. I ordered her a Happy Meal and the woman taking my order asked me if I wanted the girl toy or the boy toy. I requested the doll and the woman reiterated, so the girl toy? Um, no, I want the doll. We went back and forth until my daughter said she'd rather have the car. OH, so you want the boy toy. *shakes head*

Why don't you spend a minute to think of what message you are sending our kids? There is nothing wrong with a girl wanting a truck or a boy wanting a doll. Your language implies that my girl child's desire for a car was gender inappropriate. Not cool.

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