Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Home Stretch

Also known as the last month before birth. The baby is just getting bigger and bigger and not surprisingly, so am I. With my daughter, the last month was somewhat painful as all the indignities of childbirth are being practiced. Bounce is behaving somewhat the same, down to the fact he keeps his hand by his face.

I am so ready to be done. Well, not really. The crib we will probably never use is still in a box. Our mattress is on the floor because we don't have a bed frame yet. We don't have a dresser and since we live in Europe, land of no closets, all of our clothes are still in bags/suitcases.

Still, it would be nice to not be pregnant anymore. Then I could bend over and pick stuff off the floor.

We will be getting a bed frame soon, as soon as the people who are giving us one gets back from holiday. Ditto on the dresser. We just need to wait. Not my best skill.

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