Saturday, September 19, 2009

The flea market at Burkliplatz (Zurich)

Just back from the Saturday flea market at Burkliplatz, in search of English language books. I read on the interwebz that fiction was generally available at the flea market for a few SFr each so I thought it was worth a try. So glad I left the kid at home because I never would have found anything with her being all over the place.

My haul? Four books that I probably wouldn't have bought otherwise for a grand total of SFr 3. I bought:

Agatha Christie: At Bertram's Hotel
The Nanny Diaries

The other books were too awful to buy. There were two books about people being persecuted by oppressive governments, one trashy romance novel and something that was so worthless, it has completely slipped my mind.

Maybe I came too late and all the English books were snapped up by early birds at 6 AM.

Still no camera. :(

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