Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Right Thing at the Wrong Time

We are doing it! We are moving to Switzerland!

My visa has finally been approved, the plane tickets have been purchased and we are leaving for Switzerland. First we have to pack though. Isn't that the worst?

After talking about it a great deal, we decided to sell as much as we possibly could. Like most Americans, we have been holding on to too much stuff as we travel around and really, it is just weighing us down. We have boxes and boxes and more boxes of books. Or did, two trips to the used bookstore ago.

Tonight I went to the used bookstore near me with a few boxes of books. This is a rather large bookstore with a lot of staff and I was told there would be an hour wait to receive my offer. Walking around the store I could see why... There were more people selling books than buying. o_0

In the end, I was offered $11 for around 75 pounds of printed material but it was worth it because now I have 75 less pounds to haul around.

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