Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday S!

My baby girl turned 4 last month. Things have been craxy around here with the husband finishing his PhD dissertation and me doing things like making Hello Kitty graham crackers for the girl's school.

Let's catch up. Yesterday S got her first bike from Craigslist. The ad said it was a Care Bears bike but it turned out to be a My Little Pony bike (her fave!) so she has been going around saying she loves mistakes.

Did I forget to mention we are moving to Switzerland?

I've been reading up on the subject because all I know about Switzerland is chocolate and cheese. Well, the husband (when he was just the boyfriend lol) and I went to Basel for 1 day.

OK, my last batch of Hello Kitty graham crackers are out of the oven and it is almost 2 am. Gotta go to bed.

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