Friday, September 12, 2008

Everything and nothing

A lot has been going on lately but I haven't really wanted to talk about it.

So. I have a hole in my foot. A small one but in a very sensitive spot. It is nearly impossible to walk or stand for more than 30 minutes at a time. The husband claims he is going to pitch in more to help. Still waiting for it. Helping is not his strong suit. Maybe I'll come up with a list of what I want done. lol

The goofball is getting older. This week she slept in her own bed two nights in a row. That makes it nights #2 and #3 that she has slept without me. She also is doing the potty thing all by herself. She's been PT for a while but she decided she doesn't need help with anything *ahem wiping*. She can also get food out of the fridge. Gotta get going on that college fund.

S is taking a ballet/tap class this fall at the rec center. You should have seen the look in her eyes when she saw the tap shoes I bought her. *love* I wasn't able to take her to her last class but husband did. So sad I missed it.

The girl is at school right now and I should be working. My dad called the minute I got home and I didn't want to deal with him so I let it go. Minutes later I get an email from him guilting me for not answering the phone. Pretty sure if I did I would have let loose a string of profanities at him. I don't know why he bothers me so much. That is a lie, I do. What I really don't know is what to do about it. If I told him, it would bite me in the ass but ignoring him doesn't seem to work either.

I am thinking about taking Zoloft again. Usually I can control my seemingly endless mild depression with exercise and diet. My diet is for shit right now and I haven't been able to exercise in 2 months because of injuries, illness and lack of childcare.

So there you have it. I've got nothing done and S threw a fit when I dropped her off this morning and I told her teacher I could pick her up at 11:30 if she needed me to. I would have to leave in 22 minutes. Guess I get 22 minutes of work in today and I really want to cry.

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