Friday, July 4, 2008

My timid child

So we went to a 4th of July parade this morning. The parades here don't have big floats and aren't as fun as the Solstice parade in Seattle but the kids like them. One reason is the businesses all throw candy into the crowds. The kids all bring bags to the parade and collect Halloween-level amounts of candy.

Not my child. She picked up about 6 pieces of candy and handed it to me to put in my purse. There was candy under her feet but she was more interested in waving the little flag someone gave her at the beginning of the parade.

About 6 months ago, S went to her friend's birthday party and they had a pinata. When the time came, the pinata broke open and candy fell everywhere. S walked into the fray and carefully selected one (1) piece of candy which she brought to me to open. I told her that she could have more than one piece so she went back into the mess of kids and picked out one more piece. That's it. Two pieces of candy.

I feel like she is missing out on the little kid experience by not participating in the candy grab. Oh well. I guess she will have her own unique experience.

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