Monday, July 28, 2008

Daddy is Gone!

We dropped Daddy at the airport this afternoon for 2 whole weeks in Chicago. Lucky Daddy. The girl told me all afternoon that she misses Daddy and he misses her but not me. lol Funny girl. She also said that when it was nighttime she wanted Daddy to come home and sleep in the other bed.

The husband has been sleeping on the sofa bed for the last couple of weeks since I hurt my back. It turns out 3 people, including one toddler who rotates at night, is too much for a queen size bed. We will be getting a bigger bed but we needed life to calm down a little first. Now that there are only 2 people in the little bed, my back is all better. Think it has something to do with the postage-stamp size allotment of bed that had my name on it.

Don't even suggest moving the girl to her own bed. She has one but the one time she slept apart from me, she woke up screaming bloody murder. My heart can't take it.

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